Transforming Neighbourhoods- Integrated Community Nursing, Social & Primary care team

As you may or may not be aware, Brownlow Health together with Vauxhall and Marybone practices form the ‘City Centre Neighbourhood’, working together to share ideas and collaborate on services that improve health care locally.  We are currently piloting an Integrated Community Nursing, Social and Primary care team. The social care team consists of 8 members who alternate between Ropewalks and Vauxhall, along with the Community Nursing team.

What is the aim / why we are involved? The neigbourhood has a clear mission to create a seamless service for our patents and improve communication with sharing of data between local services, ensuring pathways are much easier to refer through regarding admissions/re- admissions. Shadowing sessions were set-up at the launch of the integration, providing an insight to gain better knowledge and share ways of working.  This is proving to be very successful.

Where are we up to in terms of Transforming? Phase One was focussed around Social Workers, and has effectively shown positive changes, developed excellent relationships between all disciplines and effectively improved the patientcare journey. The transformation has meant that clinical and non-clinical teams are constantly adapting and learning to appreciate what other services do and through our fantastic team effort we are proud to say phase one has been a great achievement!

What’s next? Phase Two is currently being discussed at neighbourhood level with a new focusing on Mental Health. This is a great opportunity to further develop new ways of working and taking things forward to create unified services across the board.

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