“Save kids from sugar”

Save Kids from Sugar’ is the latest phase of the city’s war on sugar, which began last year when the city identified the high number of sugar cubes in some popular drinks.

Analysis shows that some cereals contain up to 3.7 sugar cubes, which means a child could be having over half their maximum daily allowance (six cubes) before they leave for school.

When added to drinks and snacks later in the day, some children could be having up to 20 cubes in one day – more than three times the recommended number.

The campaign will highlight the sugar content in popular branded children’s breakfast cereals plus drinks. To help parents see how much sugar their child is having each day the campaign will include a website featuring a sugar check tool. The tool enables parents to choose which breakfast cereals, drinks and snack their child has on a typical day and works out how much sugar the child is consuming.

Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, obesity and even type 2 diabetes and some cancers in the future

The campaign has been launched after findings revealed in Liverpool:

  • 12% of reception school age children and 23.6% of Year 6 children are classed as being obese
  • Almost a third (32%) of five year old children in Liverpool have decayed, missing or filled teeth.
  • On average 2 children a day under the age of 10 have to be admitted to hospital to get teeth removed


See how your child’s sugar adds up with our quick and easy sugar check at savekidsfromsugar.co.uk


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