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Self Care

Many things improve by themselves, or with the right advice.

NHS Choices has a great ‘Health A-Z’ section, giving advice on managing a large range of conditions.

The fact sheets on the Self Care Forum website are also a great resource.

If you present with a sore throat, cough or cold, your GP or nurse might give you this leaflet to support you in self care, as these tend to get better by themselves.  Occasionally we will give a ‘back up’ prescription for antibiotics for if symptoms are not resolving, or are getting worse.

However, if you still concerned about a health problem, there are a number of different options available to you:

Speak to your local pharmacist.

Your local pharmacist will offer consultations and provide advice and treatment for a range of minor illnesses. You can even get ‘prescriptions’ for certain conditions with the Care at the Chemist scheme. They are also trained to recognise the warning signs of more serious illness and will be able to suggest you see your doctor.

Walk in Centres.

These are usually nurse led services provided by the local health provider. Their opening times vary between 7am and 10pm and some, but not all, have x-ray facilities on site. Click here for locations and opening hours for the local walk in centres.

“Live Well”

Live Well is a directory of local care and support services, information and activities for the Liverpool City Region.

Ask the GP Practice for help.

In modern general practice there are many other people who work there apart from doctors.  Our website has information on the different services available in the practice, with an appointments guide here, but if you are uncertain then please speak to the receptionist

Accident and Emergency Departments.

These are only appropriate if you believe you have a serious illness which needs urgent treatment in hospital or have had an accident which will require stitching/ X-Rays. Please try not to use the Accident and Emergency departments for minor illnesses.  If you are unsure ring the Practice.

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