For many this is the first time away from the family. So much is unfamiliar that the feeling quickly creeps in that you’d be better off at home.  The first thing to say is that this is very normal!  Most of us have been through this, and it most cases this settles down in the first few months.

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Remind yourself that it’s natural to miss your old life as it’s more cosy and familiar.
  • Talk to someone about how you’re feeling, such as new friends, family or welfare officers.
  • Make the most of social opportunities, but also remember it’s ok not take part in everything.  Most of us need a bit of space now and again, and you’ll be more resilient if you have some ‘chill out’ time.
  • Establish a balance between study, work and leisure.
  • Establish a routine.
  • Remember to eat well, sleep and consider exercise.
  • If it is getting worse, seek help from a doctor, nurse or counselling services

If you feel like you’re struggling, and have feelings of anxiety or feeling low that won’t go away, then it may be that you need some extra help.  NHS choices has some useful advice on managing stress, anxiety and depression, and you might want to consider making an appointment to see a nurse or doctor here at the practice.

The Universities also all have counselling services.  You can self refer, without necessarily seeing a doctor first.

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