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Our Student Health Centre is adjacent to the Liverpool Guild of Students on the University of Liverpool campus.


If you have moved to Liverpool for your studies you will be living in Liverpool for the majority of the year and so this is seen as your main place of residence.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you register with a GP here in Liverpool.

A GP practice should be your main point of contact when you are ill or need support and so it is very important that you register as soon as possible and not wait until you are poorly. It is particularly important if you have a health condition such as asthma or diabetes, or require medication. Your new doctor will be able to liaise with your usual hospital consultant if necessary.

Our practice boundary covers most of central Liverpool, plus some south Liverpool postcodes in certain circumstances. You can find out more about registering with us here, including an option to register on-line (direct link for on-line registering is here)

If you want to find out about other local GP practices, visit

We have three sites, and once registered with us you can use any of these:

Student Health Centre on the University of Liverpool campus

Brownlow General Practice (adjacent to the University of Liverpool campus)

Ropewalks General Practice (adjacent to the Liverpool One shopping complex).

Click here for more information about our locations and opening times.

Once registered, you should familiarise yourself with how to access our services.  We’ve put together a handy guide here, and there lots of other resources on our website, including the rest of the student section.  

It’s also worth considering the various options for self care, as many health problems won’t even require you to come to the practice.

Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Facebook- just search for BrownlowHealth.  It’s where we put the most up to date practice and health information.

What about when I’m home during the holidays?

If you have a health concern when you are away from Liverpool during the holidays, you will usually able to register with your local GP a temporary basis.

Prescription charges

All students are entitled to free prescriptions up to and including the age of 18.  After that, statutory prescription prices will then apply (currently £8.20 per prescription).  However, some people may still be entitled to free prescriptions based on low income grounds- reception can give you an HC1 form if you want to apply for this.

Contact Details

*Please note that the easiest way to contact us is by using our online services*

Brownlow General Practice
Tel: 0151 285 4578

Student Health Centre
Tel: 0151 285 4578

Ropewalks Surgery
Tel: 0151 285 4578