Child health

Common childhood illnesses

NHS Choices is a great place to get information about common childhood illnesses.

For example, their section on common infectious diseases, which also has some slides showing common baby rashes.

There’s also their excellent visual guide to common childhood illnesses.

For guidance on how long to keep children off school for various illnesses, click here.


Healthy families programme

Would you like to …

  • Take part in a range of fun activity sessions?
  • Get motivated and feel fitter?
  • Learn how to eat well on a budget?
  • Lose weight and feel good about yourself?
  • Get more family time together?

Healthy Families is an exciting, 12 week course which supports children and families to feel good and be more healthy.

Run by a team of friendly NHS health & fitness professionals, each course offers weekly 1 -1.5 hour after-school fun sessions, suitable for the whole family to take part in.

With courses running all over the city, why not consider trying one in your area?

All of the courses are completely free to attend.

More info here.



Childhood immunisations

Childhood immunisations are provided at the practice by the practice nurses, and your child should be routinely invited for these.  If you think this has not been done, please contact the practice.  For more information on the Childhood immunisation schedule please click here .


Other resources

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