Problem gambling

Information for people affected by problem gambling and gambling addiction.

Support groups

There are a number of support groups available for people who are affected by problem gambling and addiction

GamCare offer free support and treatment for anyone affected. They offer numerous resources, including online courses, chatrooms, and also run the National gambling helpline

National Gambling helpline – 0808 8020 133 – Freephone number available 8am – midnight every day

GamAnon offer meetings across the country to support problem gamblers and their loved ones.  There are regular meetings in Liverpool.

Gambling therapy app – offers live chat , self-help exercises and other resources via smartphone. Find it on your app store.

Getting control

Gambling addiction overrides the brain’s “reward” system. It is useful to replace gambling with other positive experiences, such as exercise and spending time with loved ones who do not gamble

Self-exclusion – It is possible to ask local betting shops not to allow a person to visit the store or place bets. Online gambling accounts also often have an exclusion feature to block your account and return and money to your bank.

Self-exclusion online – allows you to self-exclude yourself from multiple online gambling websites for a defined period of time.

Monzo – A smart credit card initially set up by a problem gambler. Monzo is a pre-loaded mastercard credit card, but allows users to block certain activities such as gambling. Others can easily top-up the card remotely to control funds, and spending can be monitored via an app

Other bank cards – Many banks are now also offering smart-blocking features. Ask your local bank if it would be possible to block gambling activity.

Already in debt?

It can be difficult to accept you are in trouble financially, but the road to recovery is always accepting your current position, and reaching out for help.

Important bills – It is vital that important bills, such a mortgage and utilities are continued to be paid. Ask if your income/wages can be paid into another bank account in order to ring fence vital funds. Consider giving your income to somebody you trust so they can control your outgoings more closely.

Debt line offer free online, livechat and telephone debt advice.

Citizens advice offer a range of advice on lots of financial issues

Pay-day loans – These are often used by people struggling with gambling addiction and there are several examples of irresponsible lending on the lenders part. If you feel affected, there may be an option of claiming the money back. The first step is to write to your lender.


Whilst there are no specific medications for helping with gambling addiction, it’s affects can have various impacts on our health. High levels of stress, anxiety or depression can be common.

Antidepressants – Can help people struggling with anxiety and depression, including those dealing with the impacts of problem gambling.

Brain and heart health – People who have struggled with long-standing gambling and debt problems often have higher risks of health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Visiting your G.P for national health checks and screening programmes minimises risks to your health.

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