Student resources

The most comprehensive general health guide is at, but we have also compiled the following resources to complement that resource.

      Sick notes


     Medical forms

     and reports

   Sexual Health

   Mental Health

   Eating Disorders

   Family crisis

     Sports injuries

 Alcohol and drugs

   Meningitis, Mumps, Glandular Fever  and more

 Weight management

Brownlow Health Central

Brownlow Health @ Pembroke Place

Brownlow Health @ Ropewalks

Brownlow Health @ Student Health

Brownlow Health @ Marybone

2 Vauxhall Road
L3 2BG
Tel: 0151 3308200

Brownlow Health @ Princes Park

Bentley Road
L8 0SY
Tel: 0151 295 9222

Brownlow Health @ Kensington Park

157 Edge Lane
L7 2PT
Tel: 0151 295 8770